Are you Looking To Escape The Cash Flow Roller Coaster Once and for All, Recession-Proof Your Business, and Scale to 8-Figures and Beyond?

Discover how to operate more efficiently, consistently close larger deals in less time, and increase long-term client renewals with higher fees...even without spending a dime on advertising or overly-complicated online sales funnels...GUARANTEED! 

Schedule your free Client Connect!™ strategy session below and speak to one of our advisors to see if we can help you identify the hidden leaks and missed opportunities in your existing marketing, sales, and client service systems that are costing you a minimum of $100,000 in annual revenue.

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What If Attracting More Premium Clients, Charging Higher Prices, and Creating Steady, More Predictable Cash Flow Was More Achievable Than You Thought, Even In a Down Market?

Intrigued? Then, you've come to the right spot...

Do you spend countless hours on cold outreach, running online ads, posting on social media, and driving all over town going from one networking event to another, but see very little in the way of results? 

Have you recently been burned by lead generation agencies and alleged "sales closers" that overpromised and underdelivered and had no clue about your industry or business model?

Are you tired of going it alone, spinning your wheels, and wasting precious time and energy on tactics and strategies that don’t actually work or generate any revenue for your business?

Imagine how much better you will feel if you no longer wake up every single day wondering where your next client is coming from or how you are going to repeat, maintain, and build upon your recent sales success.

When you join the RevSherpas client family, we will work with you on a private 1-on-1 basis and you and your company will be our top priority!

As a boutique consulting firm, you will never get lost in the shuffle or feel like you're playing second fiddle to a larger client.  You matter and we are here to help grow your business, agency, or practice!  

You won't be supported by junior resources or have to search aimlessly for guidance and direction in a Facebook group or other online community that is poorly organized and moderated.  Nor will you have to wait for hours on a group coaching call or fluffy training webinar with a bunch of others to get a quick answer to your most pressing question...  

We know you deserve better than that!  After all, you're a business owner or CEO and your time is valuable, right?

That's why we intentionally only work with a handful of clients at a time so we can provide an unrivaled, personalized level of service and deliver real results in a short window of time

To do so, we'll partner with you to plan, prioritize, and deploy powerful NO-COST, LOW-COST lead generation, marketing, sales, client retention, and relationship building strategies that allow you to:

  • Uncover and capitalize on overlooked revenue opportunities.
  • Create more compelling offers that generate all the high-qualified leads you can handle.
  • Convert more sales at a rate higher than you've ever seen before.
  • Optimize your pricing so you can get paid what you're worth (finally!).
  • Design an irresistible investor pitch deck that secures funding for your startup
  • Expand market share not just locally but also nationwide and even globally.
  • Prepare, structure, and successfully implement your exit strategy.

RevSherpas will show you how to do this (and more) faster than you ever thought possible!

Wouldn't it be great to get your time backtake control of your business, and create sustainable growth without having to spend a cent more on your marketing or advertising?

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll start seeing results and moving forward with confidence and clarity to build a hyper-profitable business on your terms in which you can Exponentially Outperform in any Economy™.

Why wait?  Let's explore your possibilities...

Schedule a 30-minute growth acceleration strategy call (no-cost) and receive a game plan specific to your unique business goals.

IMPORTANT: We even have flexible "buy now, pay later" plans and performance-based success fee or commission models if we think you are a great fit.

Our internationally proven and Proprietary Client Connect! Formula 

Here's how it works:



Define your vision and gain clarity on your target market, ideal client, packaging, and positioning.  Assess your current state workflows and conduct a gap analysis to identify where you want to go and how to bridge the performance gaps. Remove the guesswork, become crystal clear on where to focus your time and money, and instill accountability.  Build a winning Go-to-Market strategy, multi-year growth roadmap, and future state sales process improvement plan. 



Attract a conveyor belt of high-quality leads and qualified buyers via magnetic marketing messaging and more captivating, compelling offers.  Avoid the commodity trap and become remarkably uncommon and decidedly unordinary to differentiate yourself across ALL marketing mediums...regardless of how much competition you have. 



Simplify, standardize, and streamline your sales engine to save time, eliminate "rookie mistakes", focus on the most profitable pursuits, and "ghost-proof" your proposals. Stop losing business to inferior competitors and win more deals with higher fees, more consistency, and less effort! 



Deliver more timely, relevant communication and deepen relationships with existing clients, members, patients, partners, and investors to increase retention, renewals, repeat business, and referrals.



Monitor progress and begin to Offload and Optimize™ more non-revenue generating tasks to boost productivity, double or even triple your revenues, and accelerate your growth and profitability.  Further reduce inefficiencies and systematize the business to make it far less dependent on you (the owner) and your top, senior staff members. Start to scale and never play small again!

Case studies

Check out the results we've achieved for some of our clients...

Doubling revenues in under 90 days to smash quarterly records and reach new heights!

Edu came to us in need of a rapid turnaround for his UX/UI design and digital agency.  Initially, he attained success primarily from word of mouth (WOM) referrals. Those had started to dry up, though, and it was clear that relying so heavily on referrals was not a sustainable growth approach. 


Complicating matters, his recently hired commission sales rep turned out to be a major bust, as he had left Edu high and dry with zero sales in six months! Clearly, Edu desired and deserved better. Moreover, he was starting to feel burned out from juggling so many duties as the Agency Owner, Creative Director, and "Chief Everything Officer".   


Upon kicking off the engagement, we conducted Profitability Fastlane™ 

workshops to uncover Edu's operational process breakdowns and bottlenecks that were leaking the most revenue and profits. Then, we created a future state sales enablement process improvement plan, superior sales scripts, and a strategic growth roadmap designed to help him operate more efficiently. sell more effectively, and stand out from the sea of sameness in a very crowded marketplace. 


In working with us, Edu became more laser-focused and he stopped trying to do it all.  In fact, he now has a team of five supporting him while he takes ownership of the sales activities and oversees the creative design.  

Additionally, we revamped his positioning to be more concrete, yet engaging and enticing so that his sales cycles shortened and closing rates improved, too. As sales skyrocketed in each of his first three months, Edu had a breakout quarter and wound up doubling his revenue in under 90 days!  

or view additional case studies and testimonials below...




UX Design & Digital Agency


Doubled revenue in less than 90 days!

CREative Director and Founder

Edu Rigonato

From small-town Local agency to international leader using the client Connect!™ formula

When Darrick started working with us, his agency had experienced some wins in his local community, but his growth had recently stalled. He was in need of more clients, particularly larger ones with higher recurring fees so that he could have more consistency, predictability, and stability in his business.


As a former elite college golfer and a graduate of the Vanderbilt University coding bootcamp, it was clear that Darrick had the drive and technical aptitude to devise and deliver innovative digital marketing, web design, and app development solutions.  He just needed to refine his positioning, build his centers of influence, and simplify his pricing plans and end-to-end sales process to attract more high-quality prospects.  


Using our Client Connect!™ methodology, we showed Darrick how to boost the health of his sales pipeline, increase his conversions, and establish lucrative strategic partnerships (some even with competitors).

The Results

In a rapid transformation, Darrick quickly escaped from being the best kept secret in town!  No longer pursuing and settling only for smaller deals in his hometown, we crafted a step-by-step gameplan for him to expand his market share in Tennessee, across the nation, and even globally.  


In just over 5 months, his year-to-date revenue exceeded his prior year’s revenue.  Plus, he now has clients in 25% of the states across the U.S. and also in 4 countries internationally. He’s even on track to distribute 5 apps by the end of the year!  

or see more client success stories and raving fans below...


Fish Media Group


App Development and Marketing Strategy


Exceeded last year's revenue in under 6 months


Darrick Fisher

Outstanding guidance. Kevin is extremely patient, kind, communicative, and always overdelivers. He's managed to get buy in from my very staff, as well as give important suggestions to get quick wins in my sales process. We are in the process of expanding our scope of work with him.

Ilya Elbert


All I.T. Supported

Kevin was soooo amazing and supportive throughout my business launch prep! Not only that he provided very valuable resources that I needed to get going and feeling confident about it, he also answered all of my questions in emails and in our virtual meetings. He is also really genuine and cares about his clients’ success, which is very encouraging for someone who is looking for a business coach to hold their hand through a tough stage of starting a business. So I highly recommend his services. Thank you Kevin!!!

Yana Uvarova


Tapara Coaching

RevSherpas did an exceptional job working with Young Catholic Professionals to develop a new membership & revenue model for our growing non-profit. He took the time to really understand our business model and worked closely with our team to develop a new solution that would help us meet our goals. Thanks, Kevin!

Peter Blute


Young Catholic Professionals

Ever since I've started working with Kevin, I've quadrupled my booked appointments, stabilized my staffing issues, secured more renewals, and just recently reduced my monthly operating expenses by 60%!

I also gained clarity on how to organize my day-to-day tasks and systems by simplifying my infrastructure, streamlining my systems, and laying the foundation for a more profitable future growth.

Shabiha Nishi

Digital Agency Owner

Moonlight Media Marketing

Kevin has consistently displayed a strong commitment and passion for my business's success. The idea of scaling up had been floating around our team for almost a year. Kevin has helped bring the goal focus and clarity with actionable steps.

My understanding of marketing and effective copy has grown significantly. Per his advice, I've increased revenue from my current clients by nearly 50%.

His profit acceleration tool is an excellent guideline for future success and gives me a lot of confidence. I'd pick Kevin if I were you!

Jake Roberts

Co-Owner & CEO

Roberts Relations

Kevin has helped me navigate starting a second business, His help has assisted me in doubling my monthly revenue in just a few short months.

His approach and real world examples that are outlined in his program are second to none. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Kevin so I can maximize each of my businesses.

If you own a business and need help scaling, Kevin is your guy.

He has the ability to look at things from a unique angle to help you get the most out of your business as well as implement strategies that will complement current efforts. Thank you for your help, Kevin!

Jake Richardson


Jake Richardson Consulting Group

As a result of working with Kevin Wessels, I went from relying on referrals for getting clients to learning how to create an automated sales process.

I even started building a team that handles prospecting for me, and has allowed me more time freedom.

Loys Parker

Founder, Best Shoe Price

Owner, Ideal Design & Solutions

Kevin has been working with us for the last 3 months starting from December. He is great at solving our problems and implementing new ones to bring more traction towards our service.

What I like most about his program is our 3 hour long planning session where we discussed about the current state of our business and then plan out a roadmap for everything from A-Z for 1+ year down the line.

I recommend Kevin to anyone who's starting out their entrepreneurship journey and need clear guidance on where to start! Thank you Kevin!

Samuel Chuang

Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Cirrus Spark

A web dev & social media agency

Kevin was extremely helpful in laying the proper foundation and giving the tools to help me have a strong start to my business.

He assisted in educating me about the proper metrics, holding accountability for myself, as well as helping me find different and creative ways to increase revenue.

Nolan Chislett


Chief Marketing Services LLC

and Treasures on the Pier

The results that I got from working with Kevin were astounding. He helped to take my business to the next level. 

I got in touch with Kevin because I had trouble generating clients. During our time together, not only did he find ways for us to gain an influx of prospects, he also changed the way I approach and explain my business to prospects. He did so by helping me create a Market Dominating Position Statement that, when said, ignites the interest of prospects. 

He also helped me format my pricing structure in a way that made sense for us and our clients.  I highly recommend Kevin and the team at RevSherpas.

Jhordan McKenzie

Founder and Director

DIJIDIN, a video production company

Kevin was excellent to work with. He helped guide us through the startup phase of our corporation. 

If you’re looking for sales training and business building tips, you would be in good hands with Kevin.

Riley Edwards


323 Optimize, Inc.

The RevSherpas Growth Academy program really lays out the blueprint for how to accelerate profit growth and revenue. Through our 1-on-1 coaching calls and working together to discuss long-term goals, implementing growth strategies, areas for improvement, and mastering the art of sales and marketing, I've vastly grown as an entrepreneur as my confidence and knowledge has surged and my agency continues to be taken to new heights.
If you want to grow your business and you are looking for a consultant who is intelligent, compassionate, hard-working, and committed to helping you reach and attain your goals. I strongly recommend Kevin!

Julian Holiday

Owner & Founder,

Pearly Digital Agency, LLC

I chose to work with Kevin while my business was still just an idea. I wanted to work with Kevin initially to keep me accountable and aligned to the best path. As a result I ended up giving up my regular job, committing to my business full time, opening up an office and employing my first staff member after our first meeting. Since then I have continued to grow the business further.

Because of Kevin's approach I ended up focusing on numbers and metrics I hadn't previously even considered or thought I was too small to look at. These numbers have been incredible performance metrics to work with and to build the business around. I have also been able to identify and manage risks very early on, some of which I would have never even thought of myself.

Overall with Kevin's help I avoided a lot of the pitfalls of new businesses and helped my business become immediately aligned to a higher standard.

Some examples of what Kevin has done for our business:
- Kept it moving forward and identifying the next steps while I work on the current
Guidance over hiring and managing employees
- Provided a wealth of resources for whatever problem I have at the time
- Shaped the financials and targets we work towards

On top of all this Kevin is a genuinely incredible person whom I always look forward to speaking with. He's knowledgeable, understanding and always has something valuable to contribute.

alexander De Sousa

Founder, CEO

Royal Wares 

A full-service digital agency 

Kevin helped me dial in my focus and get a clear vision of what my business should be.

Before his guidance, I was all over the place with too many possible directions to go in and I stalled out, unsure of where I should go from here.

By speaking with Kevin, I was able to see my business through fresh eyes as he shared with me honest truths about my current state, my true potential, and where my talents could best be applied for immediate success as well as achieving long-term goals.

He's really easy to talk to, a great listener, and genuinely cares about the people behind the businesses he's helping, and I really feel like he has my best interests as an individual at heart. 

I would work with Kevin again in a heartbeat.

Nicole Dornsife


Thornwolf Creative Services

From the moment I connected with Kevin at a professional conference, I was impressed with his expertise & approachability. Then I dug deeper & what I found was an unending collection of resources meticulously created & packaged together by him to assist business owners in effectively branding, marketing, & building empires through a variety of angles & approaches. 

Joining the RevSherpas Business Elevation Program with his Private 1-on-1 Consulting Services was one of the best decisions I have ever made! 

Through his diligent efforts & persistent attention to my business goals, he has helped me completely change my branding & marketing approaches, which has enhanced how I communicate to my target audience & led to greater sales & impact.

My confidence as a business owner has grown right along with my business & I know the sky is the limit! If you are ready to dive deep but are unsure about investing in Kevin's program, be assured the return on that investment will be astronomical!

Kevin goes above & beyond, regularly over-delivering with what seems to be an endless supply of business tools, creative approaches, & wise counsel to get his clients even further than they thought they could.

I will be forever grateful for his teachings & unprecedented support.

Cindy Whitmer

Founder & CEO

The Inspiration Center

Amazon Best Selling Author

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Meet your Business Growth Advisor

Kevin Wessels is the Founder and Managing Director of the RevSherpas revenue growth acceleration consultancy.  He and his consulting team of sales and marketing strategists, project managers, and business process outsourcing (BPO) specialists serve small to mid-sized businesses in the U.S. and abroad.

With over 25+ years business ownership, management consulting, executive coaching, sales training, and career counseling experience, he has advised some of the fastest growing digital agencies, IT service providers, private security companies, financial institutions, and startups across the globe.  

An 8x author, his advice on business growth strategies, CRM best practices, digital transformation, leadership development, employee engagement, success mindsets and habits, motivation, time maximization, project management, and productivity hacks has been featured in 30+ media outlets and publications, including Entrepreneur, SmallBizClub, True Hollywood Talk, and CXBuzz, as well as The Consulting Trap and Results Leader podcasts.

Plus, he has been ranked a “Top 100 Author” on customer-centric business management and strategy by CustomerThink, rated a "Top 20 Business Coach" by Disruptors Magazine, and awarded a "Top 30 Entrepreneur To Look Out For" by Entrepreneurs Herald.

Kevin and his family live in Houston, TX, the undisputed "Culinary and Cultural Capital of the South" according to a very large sign in one of the city's airports.  When not working, he's usually trying to keep up with his two daughters and mini labradoodle "Buddy".

Much to his wife's chagrin, he enjoys watching college football, "March Madness", Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes, and James Bond movies. Sources also reveal he's been known to buy way too many gimmicky golf swing trainer aids, fiercely defend 90's grunge rock, pretend to know a lot more about wine than his wife, and frequently go out of his way to boast that he finished the Chicago Marathon faster than his older brother.

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  • Inconsistent cash flow and wild month-to-month revenue swings 
  • Limited lead flow, infrequent and low-quality referrals, and subpar closing ratios
  • Frequent discounting to win deals and little to no renewals or repeat business
  • Weak ROI on paid advertising campaigns and overly-complex sales funnels
  • Lack of time due to staffing constraints or a recent rapid influx of clients
  • Mounting operational bottlenecks and admin tasks not moving the needle
  • Stalled growth when you know you can earn more, but you're not sure how