Here’s a Surefire Way to a Better Account Planning Strategy

As a salesperson or business owner, you’re probably quite busy every day just keeping up on accounts and following up on new leads. It can be hard enough to remember to update contact information much less anything else about a business that you rely on for sales or one you hope to develop. But it is extremely important for you to spend some time regularly going through accounts, making a plan to not only update contact information but do what you can to make the whole experience more personalized.

Most of the sales process is built on the traditional model of account planning, which buckets companies into various categories without much leeway. However, you can layer in more complex pieces of data in order to better understand needs and motivation, and think through the potential for revenue (or lack thereof). How do you do that? This graphic explains the steps you should start implementing today.

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How to Develop an Account Planning Strategy

Via Salesforce

Imagine focusing solely on high-paying accounts that are capable and ready to do more business with you! 

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